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Mark Levin Audio Rewind – 12/16/19

Written by on December 16, 2019

On Monday’s Mark Levin Show, the media and Washington D.C. are taking a beating from the American people, because they take the public for granted. Now the phony moderate Democrats say they must vote for impeachment. Since the Democrats won control of the house, they’ve been talking about impeachment. They’ve destroyed the impeachment process and have routinized it, as it’s now no longer a solemn process. The only way to stop this is to impeach the next Democrat president. Also, the media have accused this program of peddling conspiracy theories in March of 2017, which have been proven true in the Inspector General’s report. Barack Obama has never been held to account for any of this; while President Trump is getting impeached they are walking free. Then, the media has no internal policing and journalists have adopted very lax standards. Standards that embrace social activism over the objective gathering of facts. The media must restrain itself for it to meet the needs of the public as an instrument of mass communication. Later, Secretary Alexander Hamilton colluded with the British government during the time that France had declared war with Britain. General George Washington vowed to keep neutrality. Most historians frowned upon Hamilton’s breach with the norms of foreign policy when he undermined the President’s foreign policy direction, yet he was never treated as a traitor. Similarly, as Professor Paul Kengor points out that in 1984 Sen Ted Kennedy colluded with KGB Operative Yuri Andropov undermining President Reagan’s foreign policy. Yet again the press was willfully complicit in the media cover-up. Afterward, Sen. Mike Lee joins the program to discuss the Inspector General report and James Comey’s past lies on the FISA process.

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