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Senate Deliberates Impeachment, Trump’s Davos Populism, Lessons from the Holocaust (with guest panelists Jim Antle and Shermichael Singleton)

Written by on January 24, 2020

The McLaughlin Group — January 24, 2020

filling in for Pat Buchanin is Jim Antle, editor of The American Conservative

guest panelist, conservative commentator Shermichael Singleton

Issue one: The Senate Deliberates

The panel discusses the impeachment trial. What are the top takeaways?

Issue two: Davos Populism

The president delivers an address in Davos, Switzerland. Is Trump’s national populist message one that has salience? Why do the globalist-minded disagree with him?


Bonus content: Holocaust/75th anniversary of Auchwitz-Birkenau liberation. What are the lessons of the Holocaust and the allied campaign which ended it? Is antisemitism a rising global crisis?




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