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Mark Levin Audio Rewind – 3/6/20

Written by on March 6, 2020

On Friday’s Mark Levin Show, Republicans in the Senate are lurching leftward. There is massive spending going on and the thirst for cheap labor is in full swing as they expand legal immigration. Mitch McConnell is allowing all of this to go on despite its effect on our country. Then, Chinese journalist Chen Quishi visited Hong Kong and that’s when everything changed. He uploaded a video of the Hong Kong protests to a social media site and that’s when his trip was cut short by the Chinese police and lawyers association for a month-long interrogation by multiple Chinese government agencies. Chen and his colleague Fong have disappeared again and have not been seen since. Sadly, the media has ignored the actions of the genocidal Chinese regime. The media has also miscalculated the cost of Mike Bloomberg’s campaign spending making simple arithmetical errors on live TV. While they claim that there’s too much money in politics, it seems that there’s too little IQ in American newsrooms. Also, the media claims that the coronavirus response has been handled clumsily; have they ever criticized the handling of the Flu? A virus is a virus. President Trump was right when he said that the fake news was the enemy of the people. Later, it’s a dangerous trend when the losers of elections coalesce with critics of the winner to persecute the winner of the election, and lamentably this isn’t happening in a tyrannical communist country — it happened here in the U.S and is happening right now in Israel. Afterward, no white man, nor any black man has done more to end slavery in America than Abraham Lincoln, yet, the 1619 project rejects this truth.

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