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Political Coffee 3-2-2020

Written by on March 12, 2020

Two main points that could persuade the persuadable on why the OR R’s have walked out. Rep Reschke’s article in the OR Catalyst points out that: 1.OR’s law establishing CO2 emissions standards is based on a guess and not real data from 1990 because govt didn’t even measure CO2 in 1990. 2. plus Japan has announced it’s building 22 new coal fired power plants for electrical generation, (more CO2 emission than the entire U.S. transportation system emits in an entire year) demonstrating that OR’s one tenth of 1% of CO2 emission globally will make no difference at all.

Sen Kim Thatcher who is on strike against the tyranny of the majority donates her $151 per diem to the Vietnam Veterans War Memorial Fund in OR in honor of the late Dennis Richardson.

Oregonian headline blames Trump for slumping world economy as a result of Coronavirus: read the story and there’s no logical nexus.

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