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Political Coffee 3-4-2020

Written by on March 12, 2020

OR Democrats won’t let the coronovirus crisis to go to waste: They are teeing up accusing Legislative R’s who are in other states on strike of putting Oregonians in danger because they need to come back and pass emergency legislation to deal with Coronovirus. It’s a lie as Gov Kate has broad powers to deal with it without the legislature’s help. Dems will use this issue in the fall.

Kate asks Trump for 3 to 7M per month for Coronovirus: really Kate? You beat up Trump constantly and then you ask him to help you? And, don’t you already have enough money to deal with the potential problem with the 200M you have been offering wayward R’s on the lam to buy them back into the building?–568471071.html

Timber Unity is being smeared by the left because TU is so effective: Rules for Radicals tactics:

Timber Unity OPED in Catalyst: We are more than timber and we are gonna vote! That’s what scares Dems the most.

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