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Political Coffee 6-3-2020

Written by on June 12, 2020

What will end the violence and protests? Can anything satisfy the protestors? Did Trump’s get tough with rioters message work? Relatively peaceful protests all over America after Trump and many governors bring in the National Guard.

Protests/Riots again in Portland for 6th night in a row: Leftist media trying to equivocate Antifa/criminal violence with conservative groups: Curfew lifted because they won’t enforce it anyway.

CYA: Ted Wheeler’s real reason for saying Gov mischaracterized his National Guard request:

Religious freedom lawsuit: will the personal biases of the OR Supreme Court determine how they rule? Pray that it does not but that they will judge the issue according to the Constitution.

Fired Unemployment Director Kay Erickson can now apply for unemployment! WW article provides false cover for Kate Brown just after GOP recall effort launched. Coincidence? Nah, that would never happen! LOL!


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