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The Campaign Trail, The Fall Factor, MOUT, China Conundrum

Written by on July 10, 2020

The McLaughlin Group — July 10th, 2020

Guest panelist A.B. Stoddard RealClearPolitics associate editor and Columnist.

Issue One: Campaign Trail

With less than 100 days until election day, Joe Biden and President Trump continue to galvanize their bases. President Trump used his July 4th speech to take jabs at the left while Biden promised to bring jobs back to America. Plus, rapper Kanye West announced he will be running for President assuming he can get on state ballots.

Issue Two: Fall Facto

This week, President Trump advanced his calls on schools in the United States to re-open for students this fall. He took to Twitter, siting countries like Germany, Sweden and Denmark saying “schools are open with no problems.”

Issue Three: MOUT

MOUT is the military acronym for Military Operations in Urban Terrain. Coming off weeks of protests and rioting in cities across the nation, urban crime is soaring. Gun violence is up in cities like New York and Chicago. In Georgia Governor Brian Kemp declared a state of emergency and activated nearly 1,000 nation guardsmen.

Issue Four: China Conundrum

Tensions with China are rising as President Trump and the communist regime share sharp jabs. Last weekend saw competing exercises between US and Chinese Navy’s in the South China Sea. FBI Director Christopher Wray suggested this week that China presents an preeminent threat to the American way of life.

Plus, Predictions !

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