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Mark Levin Audio Rewind – 10/8/20

Written by on October 8, 2020

On Thursday’s Mark Levin Show, the major difference in this election is that one Party wants to replace the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution with Karl Marx’s Communist Manifesto. While Mike Pence proved that he was qualified to serve as Vice President, Sen. Kamala Harris failed to even demonstrate that she was even qualified to be a U.S Senator. What’s more, the Commission on Presidential Debates continues to move the goal post on its rules for upcoming debates. Similarly, Speaker Nancy Pelosi continues lobbying bogus threats of invoking the 25th Amendment on President Trump to remove him from office for mental illness. This will not happen. House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy calls in and says that Pelosi knows this will not be a reality, and what’s in question is whether she should remain Speaker. Making such egregious allegations just before an election begs the question of whether Pelosi has the mental capacity to hold the office of Speaker. Afterward, Gov Gretchen Whitmer is using a horrible event aimed at her to blame the president of the united states. The plot to kidnap and harm her was sick and it’s equally as sick to blame Trump for the actions of others. The president has denounced the KKK and has done more in his first term for American Americans than any other president in modern history. Trump made lynching a federal hate crime. Now the hacks at the NY Times are gearing up to blame the plot on Whitmer on Trump, by saying that he’s a White supremacist. Finally, candidate Dale Crafts for Maine’s 2nd congressional district calls in with an update on his campaign.

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