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Counting the Vote, Susan Collins and the Senate, Polling and the World

Written by on November 6, 2020

The McLaughlin Group — November 6, 2020

guest panelist this week is Ryan Girdusky of The Washington Examiner

Issue one: Counting the Votes

In an exceptionally tight presidential race, Joe Biden inched state by state toward the magic 270 electoral college votes and victory. But pointing at what they allege were voting irregularities, the Trump campaign pushed for the Supreme Court to take action.

Issue two: Susan and the Senate

Trouncing pollster expectations, Republican Senator Susan Collins won reelection in her Maine Senate race this week. Across the nation, the Republican Party beat the odds in tightly contested races, securing the prospect of a continued majority.

Issue three: Polls and the World

Polls prior to the election were very far from the results of the election. What does this mean going forward? And what does it say that so many in the media relied so heavily on such flawed data sets? Also, what does this election mean for American allies and foes around the world?

Plus: predictions!




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