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Mark Levin Audio Rewind – 3/24/21

Written by on March 24, 2021

On Wednesday’s Mark Levin Show, the anti-democratic, unconstitutional proposal known as the For The People Act (House Resolution 1/Senate Resolution 1), which will change elections for generations, is being pushed in a Senate Committee. Sen. Chuck Schumer is likening any opposition to the bill as efforts that are akin to the Jim Crow laws. To his credit, Sen Mitch McConnell is fighting this. This bill seizes power from states and eliminates election safeguards like accurate registration lists, eliminating precincts, and no longer requiring citizenship to vote, all to ensure that absolutely anyone can vote – even if they’re not supposed to. This destroys one’s franchise because illegal votes cancel out legitimately cast votes. The Democrat lies of Jim Crow comparisons will destroy the American electoral system. Then, Sen. Mike Lee joins the show to discuss the HR-1 bill which is a perpetual political domination by the Democrat Party. Lee calls the proposed law the Illegal Voting Act and likened it to the 100-year reign of one political party in neighboring Mexico due to similar political gamesmanship in the previous century. Lee contends that HR-1 can be stopped and explains what’s on the line. Later, Biden’s insatiable quest to become the biggest neo-Marxist President with aims to outdo FDR and Barack Obama is a raw thirst for his own legacy. Democrats are using a web of non-profit political groups to slowly destroy the filibuster and so much of our country by painting everything they can as ‘racist.’

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