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Political Coffee 7-29-2021

Written by on July 29, 2021

If Gov Kate issues a vaccination mandate for state workers without alternatives as prescribed in Federal law or in direct violation of Oregon law, what should state workers do? Sue her in Federal and or state court? Quit the state? Refuse and get fired, which would be a cause of action against the state for a big settlement out of court?

Oregon Nurses union opposes vaccine mandate even though national nurses union agrees with mandate:

Biden to announce today that all Federal employees must be vaccinated:

Lying or just politician spin: Ron Wyden says violent Portland protests last summer were peaceful: Provably wrong but why would continue to lie about over 1,000 protestors arrested by Portland police (not the Feds) and not prosecuted during the protests if they weren’t being the opposite of peaceful, meaning they were being violent and breaking the law?


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