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Author: Jeff Kropf

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Freedom Friday Who should be held accountable for the unemployment Dept mess in Oregon? 20% unemployment rate is low as the story acknowledges so isn’t this touching everyone? Fake news headline meant to keep you in fear: Oregon govt trying to leave impression things are getting worse. If so, why would Kate be opening […]

Are unaffiliated voters the key to winning in Oregon in Nov?  Trump beating Biden badly in battleground states with independents. Why? Are there key issues that move those independent voters that would have the same impact in Oregon? Curbing the power of the government worker unions: Freedom Foundation’s Jason Dudash on their 3,300 page […]

Last nights elections told us some things about where Oregon’s voters minds are these days: It ain’t good either:   Are churches being discriminated against in Oregon? Will AG Barr step in to back the churches lawsuit against Kate’s unconstitutional order, sort of like he is doing in CA? He needs to support the […]

Justice in Oregon has become political. Religious liberty won, then lost: Will the OR supreme court’s immediate hold on Baker County judge who declared Kate’s Exec Orders null and void a real game changer?   How can process a claim if you don’t interact effectively? Is it logical that the Employment Dept has resisted […]

Was yesterday’s Christian all church Capitol worship service a game changer? Is the liberty movement growing amongst county sheriff’s? WA sheriff’s oppose Gov Inslee’s extended stay at home order and won’t enforce it. Should we stand up for Sheriff’s who defend the constitution when politically correct county officials won’t back them up when they […]

Is it justice or fair that Kate Brown cares more about the psychological well being of vicious, sick, convicted murderers on death row than she does about their victims families? who are these vicious murderers? Are  you worried about your liberty being threatened by contact tracers as Oregon opens up today? If they […]

Never let a crisis go to waste opportunity for conservatives to persuade the persuadable: How bad is it when the House Democrat Majority  leader calls for bold action on jobless claims backlog? They’re worried and they should be: Another 2.8M file for unemployment.  36.5 M Americans now out of work in last 2 […]

Federal lawsuit against Kate for violating the US Constitution: Chickens come home to roost: the party of defending women’s rights gets sued by one of it’s own for no due process- And so it begins: the emotional, fearful state budget cuts that Dems put forward to scare you into voting for them and […]

Who said: “Crisis is the rallying cry of the tyrant”? Never let a crisis go to waste: could Republicans force a realignment of state government priorities and spending as Kate faces the music and orders agencies to prepare for 17% cuts while she waits for a Fed bailout.  Decades of overspending  by Dem Governors will […]

6% of Covid 19 hospitalizations come from home!! 86% in total are from where people live!   Europe’s best selling newspaper says lockdown was a mistake! Excessive, people became compliers and snitches. Prefer Swedish model, with distancing and at risk people stay at home.   Fish Wrap editorial: Unemployed deserve more than a […]