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Author: Jeff Kropf

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Professor Hinkley’s latest blog about Kate’s un necessary economic shutdown: Oregon’s stunning Covid numbers: Kate gets caught in another lie, that this time may kill people: Right on cue, Kate endorses Biden: Was this why she sent the 140 ventilators to NY to get noticed by Biden?  

Where’s Kate been hiding? She’s been criticized for not being available so yesterday she holds a tele townhall with AG Rosenblum that defends her decision to stop Hydroxicloroquine from being widely dispensed. After ‘Professor Hinkley’ expose on Saturday using data from OHA about the decline of Covid hospitalizations before Kate’s shut down order, miraculously […]

How much liberty are you willing to give up? Flawed computer models are driving the virus hype: Liberty movement pushing back in Idaho: 9 states resisting stay at home orders: the virus isn’t exploding there and they aren’t destroying their economies either: Oregonian cartoon that insults America First supporters:

What if Kate didn’t need to destroy Oregon’s economy to fight the virus because it was already declining when she shut us down? The evidence is clear from OHSU: Why did Kate donate 140 ventilators to NY? Timber industry going in the tank because of Kate’s economy lockdown: can you imagine  how much […]

What is an essential business or service that should remain open during our virus freak out? Churches? Abortion clinics? Construction?

Record unemployment numbers today: 6.6m new claims including OR, though its hard to get through: Snitch line is getting lots of calls: bureaucrats deciding what is price gouging? Higher prices lead to less hording? How Oregon dealt with Spanish flu: wasn’t as bad as other places sort of like today Have we […]

How to date during social distancing:   Donald Trumps insults pale in comparision to past presidents: do you respect him more now that he is showing true leadership during the virus crisis?   Should Kate raise your cost of living by driving up gas prices during the severe economic downturn we are about […]

OR Dept of Education reverses itself in 48 hrs and now says schools are closed until June, but still allowed to teach online. Credits and grades are supposed to count now when last week they didn’t. Kudos to Salem Keizer for offer no cost computers to students to learn from home: not gonna be […]

Is the virus impact in Oregon actually diminishing? Trump gives Oregon disaster declaration but Kate still moaning about not having enough: why should the Feds do her job in acquiring needed supplies? Freedom Foundation interview with Jason Dudash: FF calls for 3 month suspension of union dues collection which would pump 29M into […]