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Author: Jeff Kropf

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ill this virus change our lives permanently? I certainly will and education is just one of the areas affected, unless the politics of money and power get in the way to keep education mediocre. What is Kate hiding from? She doesn’t want to take questions from reporters about the Willamette Week story about closing down […]

Ballot measures to shut down future walkouts by legislators get ballot titles: the unions at it again.   Oregon’s coming severe recession: special session coming to deal with a 2008 style downturn in state revenues: stop the sales tax?   Sen Tom Cotton’s idea to move pharmaceutical manufacturing back to America: duh! […]

Should you attend a Coronavirus party so you can build anti bodies in order not to contract it when it comes back this fall? Happened in Kentucky:   I praise Kate for putting in place a weak stay at home/business shut down order: she’s reluctant to hurt business anymore than she has to do […]

Has the constitution been quarantined? A constitutional lawyer says so: New Hampshire law suit dismissed challenging the Gov’s meeting size exec order: should Kate’s be challenged along with her stay at home order? Kate’ stay at home and business shut down order: it’s inconsistent and not as far reaching as other states which […]

Will she or won’t she? Pressure building for Kate lock us all down! Queen Kate may issue her edict stay home! Is it going to be applied fairly, or will it favor her political donors? Sen Boquist on how to deal with Coronavirus and it’s impact on you personally: 15 days is all […]

Will Kopycat Kate follow CA Gov Newsom and order shelter in place here in Oregon? Based on what evidence it’s necessary? She’s says no but… And so it begins: legislative panel needs more money so they are laying groundwork for Coronavirus special session and the kicker/sales tax might be on the agenda: yeah, well […]

Kate’s administration warns of economic downturn and the legislature should watch it’s spending! Astonishing as Kate’s utopian vision is driving the incredible growth of state spending! Is a sales tax coming from a special session? PERS is taking a huge hit from 30% stock market decline that we will pay for about four years […]

Should Kate lock down the state? no cause the regular flu is declining in OR: CDC regular flu has killed 22,000 already but is declining: Surge in gun sales in OR: Doctors and nurses are buying: Why Kate extended the school closures: not enough staff:

Kate issues edict: no meetings over 25 people and all restaurants/bars are closed except for takeout for 4 weeks: Is it a conspiracy? Is the Coronavirus really a bioweapon engineered in a lab? By Whom? Who does it help or hurt?

Why Kate’s Exec Order enacting Cap and Tax concepts is likely unconstitutional: It’s a big risk for her as WA Gov Inslee tried the same thing and most was rejected by his liberal Supreme Court Kate’s Cap and Tax Exec Order gamble relies on an expansion of the clean fuels program: Kate may […]