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Author: Jeff Kropf

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Kate reverses herself and bans public schools. Is Kate’s ban on gatherings of 250 Constitutional? Not the way she has implemented it: Other constitutional considerations that make us different from the rest of the world in virus response:

Is Kate Brown’s Coronovirus ban on public gatherings over 250 people constitutional? It’s ok to ban churches but not schools or government offices? Where’s the ACLU on this issue? Is it Constitutional to lock Americans down the way Italy and China have done to their citizens? No it isn’t: Most people who get […]

Kate’s Climate Tax executive order indicates she is running for some higher office in the future. It’s likely gonna all end up in court as it is not constitutional. Kate’s Carbon Tax isn’t constitutional; Bernie gets beat badly by Biden: Why Bernie’s socialist healthcare idea won’t work as it isn’t in the UK/Canada: […]

How do you win a war? How can Republicans in OR win hearts and minds on cap and tax that Kate wants to impose now by executive order? There’s no need for cap and tax because OR is already reducing GHG and energy: the facts Winning hearts and minds on Kate and the […]

Gov Kate declares coronovirus emergency: should schools be shut down along with most large public gatherings? Turns out the Eboard is going to approve extra money to deal with it and other issues Dems said only legislation during short session could do. What hypocrites! OR Senator Brian Boquist interview about his newsletter assertion that […]

Freedom Friday Republicans win the battle, but will they win the war? Depends on the next election and they need to improve their messaging if they are going to win. Dems shut down the session. Kate says she will implement carbon reduction by executive action: she can only do so with state agencies and […]

Why would a politician give into political pressure to approve a policy that seriously hurts a large number of people they serve? Knopp/Helt get their egos fed with Portland Trib story that says they aren’t staying at the legislature because of being worried about the next election. It’s a lie and they don’t deserve to […]

OR Democrats won’t let the coronovirus crisis to go to waste: They are teeing up accusing Legislative R’s who are in other states on strike of putting Oregonians in danger because they need to come back and pass emergency legislation to deal with Coronovirus. It’s a lie as Gov Kate has broad powers to deal […]

Today’s super tuesday primaries in 14 states will determine how elections go in Oregon in November because if Bernie wins today, he is almost unstoppable the fall election will be all about socialism versus liberty. The momentum is moving towards conservatism with legislative R’s continuing to go on strike out of state. Legislative Dems […]

Two main points that could persuade the persuadable on why the OR R’s have walked out. Rep Reschke’s article in the OR Catalyst points out that: 1.OR’s law establishing CO2 emissions standards is based on a guess and not real data from 1990 because govt didn’t even measure CO2 in 1990. 2. plus Japan has […]