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Who can replace Rush if and when he is no longer on the air? Pray for his recovery from advanced lung cancer. OR legislative short session kicks off with lots of tension over Cap and Tax scam bill: Iowa caucus mess: is it real or an excuse to change votes to Bernie doesn’t […]

Freedom Foundation lawsuit: Union says forged signature on union card is ok and they can still deduct dues. Big Timber Unity rally this thursday at the state capitol: better get there early cause traffic is gonna be bad Feb  short session scam: the rules don’t give the people time to let their voice […]

Freedom Friday 6 new taxes the Dems want to pass in Oregon during the Feb session: raising the cost of living again? What the first week of the session is going to look like with major bills in committees: Impeachment trial conclusion today with no new witnesses?

How do you know when someone is lying to you? Adam Schiff lied blatantly yesterday on the Senate floor about knowing who the whistle blower is. He a proven and very accomplished liar who sounds very convincing. In this day and age of deep fake videos, you cannot even believe what you see someone say […]

Does it help or hurt Trump if witnesses are called in the Senate trial? If it is done like Clinton, it will help Trump. Impeachment impact? Not to worry as R wins special election by huge numbers in TX congressional district: Kate wants to change OR’s constitution to allow a statewide property tax for […]

Trump impeachment and OR Senate Republicans get the Kavanaugh treatment: Dems through media and political allies drop additional supposed bombshell stories all meant to influence R’s and discourage the conservative base. It’s their playbook that you can count on and R’s can inoculate themselves from if they are on offense. Trump gets a leak about […]

The long  and short term benefits of OR Republicans in the legislature walking out of the Feb session: Dems bristle because they know it hurts them. Some R’s understand that the benefits far outweigh the negatives. Will R leadership repeat a successful tactic of walking out again? Trump rolls back un necessary and over […]

Going on offense: Dems are masters and R’s/conservatives are not and it’s playing out in how the impeachment sham was created and how Kate is trying to stop R’s from walking out in the Feb session. Trump campaign timeline that demonstrates how Dems strategy that lead to Mueller and impeachment Brietbart story about it: […]

Impeachment trial day 1: should Oregon Republicans go on offense the way Trump’s legal team team did yesterday? Mark Levin’s stunning and powerful opening statement if he were on Trump’s senate trial legal team: worth the 38 minutes to watch US Senate Dems privately talking about trading Bolton for Biden: dumb mistake but […]