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Why does it cost so much to build housing in Oregon, which is at the lowest in a decade? the answer is politics and higher taxes/fees: Kate and the ruling Dems are doing nothing to stop the high rate of sexual abuse of girls in state custody which is twice the rate of the […]

Do actions speak louder than words? OR AG Rosenblum says not hers: Cap and Tax coming again in Feb: blackmailed by initiatives to eliminate all carbon emissions: Unaccountable Oregon: Kate’s legacy is willful ignoring of Oregon law and blaming the legislature for it.

Did Trump just pull of an impeachment distraction like Bill Clinton did during the Monica Lewinsky scandal? Or, did he do the right thing in cutting the head off the Iranian snake by killing Soleimani? Is Trump trying to smoke out the supposed Iranian sleeper cells that are in America, especially if they attack us […]

Is Government or private business flying all these mysterious fleets of drones at night over America violating our privacy? Should new regulations be enacted that make it possible to find out who the drone owners are? Corvallis tacitly admits it’s tax and fee increases are hurting the poor as it asks residents to donate […]

Happy New Year 2020 Trump’s accomplishments are making American’s lives better in many ways: Here’s his long list of policies that benefit each of us: 2020: reasons to be optimistic for us constitutional conservatives:

How do you respond to evil like what happened at the Texas church last Sunday? Don’t you have a human right to defend yourself, your family and other innocent people from evil, even with a gun? Forgiveness and redemption: Arkansas man is baptized in church he vandalized earlier this year.

Does OR need to change it’s laws to make it clear that church goers can carry guns for self defense? TX church goers kill gunman who killed two during service. Oregonian ends online comments: because too many conservative points of view?

Freedom Friday: Brietbart’s Pollack has a recap of the top ‘fake news’ stories of the last decade: does the average persuadable person just living their life and not paying attention to politics recognize that there is ‘fake news’?

Trump blasts Dem uber  liberal Governor from California for his policies that are creating a massive increase in homeless: can the private sector be incentivized to fix the problem the politicians are creating?