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Radio Show topics: Oregon’s Black reparations fund not looking good: faces 2nd Fed lawsuit: this time it’s a Hispanic restaurant owner.…/oregon-cares-fund-coronavirus…/ PA State Sen: We are gonna take back authority to appoint electors to the electoral college.…/legislature-seek…/ If military intelligence has election fraud evidence will it cause SCOTUS to throw out election? Are […]

Happy Thanksgiving 2020!! Don’t get arrested! Thanksgiving Day radio show: Kate says she’s gonna relax some lock down rules. She doesn’t like getting sued and especially since SCOTUS struck down NY Gov Cuomo’s similar limitations on religious gatherings.…/gov-kate-brown-will-loosen… SCOTUS strikes down Cuomo’s religious gathering restrictions:…/supreme-court-pandemic-no-excuse… Defy the Lockdown pre Thanksgiving Day dinner […]

Why Trump will win: Wednesday’s radio show. Why Trump will win:…/why-trump-will-win…/ Should Republican states AG’s sue Democrat states over unconstitutional actions that violate equal protection clause?…/rep-palmer-state-ags…/ Restaurants Fed lawsuit tossed yet they account for 3% of COVID infections, but govt buildings 7%?… Judge tosses lawsuit.…/11/24/judge-denies.html… Sydney Powell releases the Kraken […]

Trump appoint special counsel for crooked election? Tuesday’s radio show topics. Should Trump appoint a special counsel to determine crooked election? It’s the only way to restore trust and Democrats can’t shut it down.…/america-needs-a-special…/ Kraken update: Simple explanation why Sidney Powell broke with Trump legal team: It’s all about Georgia and she is […]

Will you snitch on your neighbors on Thanksgiving? Gov Kate says you should because it’s just like a loud party keeping you awake. Uh…no it’s not even close. About the worry of filling up ICU beds with COVID patients: KPTV-12 notes that hospitals say they experience between75 to 90% bed capacity this time of  […]

Trump supporters need deprogramming? Freedom Friday radio show. Trump people need deprogramming? Leftist DNC official from CA says yes. Dem lawmakers want Kate to explain lack of COVID testing: Does it matter with all the false positives?…/lawmakers-want-explanation-of…/ Trump legal team presser presents evidence (affidavits) yet media still says it’s misinformation:…/283-f3ea1a87-2670-4351-932d…

Kate’s Thanksgiving Day order: comply? Thursday’s radio show topics: Will you comply with Kate’s Thanksgiving Day order in your home? Will you go to jail and pay a big fine if you do even though possession cocaine and meth is a small fine and no jail?…/oregon-leaders-want-you-to…/ Support Tootie Smith’s defiance on Kate’s unconstitutional […]

Would threats/intimidation change your vote? Wednesday’s radio show topics: Would you be intimidated by threats for your vote? Wayne Co Michigan board of canvassars member threatens other board members if they don’t vote his way. Could the Supreme Court be intimidated in the same way in the Presidential election?…/democrat-wayne…/ Gov’s lockdown fallout: Freedom […]

Trump’s ‘Bloody Glove’ court arguments Radio Show: 6amPST-7 1220AM/104.3FM Listen online Trump must so seeds of doubt (OJ not able to get bloody glove on his hand) about the integrity/accuracy of the election in the minds of SCOTUS so they invalidate the results in the battleground states. It then goes to the House where […]

Battleground states can decide? Freedom Friday’s radio show: to listen online 6amPST-7/replay 6pm 1220AM/104.3FM The Presidential election could be decided by battleground states without Democrat Gov approvals: Will go to SCOTUS…/republican-state…/ The counter argument acknowledges Republican legislatures right to do so, with conditions:…/trump-plan-legislature-appoint… Kate and Ellen defend their unconstitutional act of using […]