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Kate’s vaccine mandate: what’s the legal difference between her ‘exception’ versus ‘exemption’ from her mandate? What are your rights under federal law regarding ‘informed consent’. Sen Dennis Linthicum spells it out plus a lot of resources to help you. Interview with Republican Gubernatorial candidate Jim Huggins:    Podcast under the ‘Political Coffee’ tab at […]

No Jab, no Job! Extorting, deceiving and discrimination against your right to say no to your employer and government demanding you get a Covid vaccine. What will you do? Spineless Klamath County commissioners say they can’t support their firefighters suing Kate Brown  over vaccine mandate. Pandering Portland politicians quietly allowing new legal guidance […]

What were people you were with talking about on Labor Day? Covid? Vaccine mandates? Schools requiring masks? Ivermectin or other alternatives to the shot? Defunding cops? No graduation requirements for proficiency in math or reading? Courage of his convictions: OSP trooper Zachary Knowing being investigated for anti mandate video. Biden ammunition ban: left […]

Are you taking any alternative medicines like Ivermectin, Hydroxycloraquine ect instead of getting the Covid vaccine? Or are you ok with just getting Covid and having natural antibodies? Kudos to 9 OSP troopers and Klamath Fire fighters who are suing Kate Brown over her vaccine mandate: Oklahoma Dr gets caught lying about emergency rooms […]

Wanna join class action lawsuit against Kate’s vaccine mandates? One is brewing so read Sen Dennis Linthicum’s brilliant truth about Covid: This includes the 10 Million person Wuhan China study that concluded no asymptomatic Covid spread vs the US study that didn’t study a single person but relied on mathematical equations:

Unvaccinated Peacehealth hospital workers protest, sort of anyway: Left their shoes at the entrance: Nurses union says over 100 nurses at Eugene’s Peacehealth on unpaid leave for not getting the shot:–575222701.html Salem hospital protest had no healthcare workers present? Leftist lesbian Oregon speaker of the House Kotek announces she is running for […]

Are you willing to be fired for refusing to wear a mask or take the shot? Right or wrong it just happened with small rural school district superintendent who enforced mask mandate against the school board’s wishes. FDA bait and switch on Covid vaccine approval: Hypocrite? Liberal Portland mayor Wheeler caught without mask […]

Biden left Americans behind in Afghanistan: will it matter politically? Kate’s vaccine mandate may lead to mass exodus of firefighters/paramedics: Salem Hospital medical freedom protest tomorrow at 4pm: come support those who walk out and say no to the shot. All Covid shots are still being issued under Federal EUA, which means your […]

Memo on requesting vaccine mandate exemptions: I strongly urge you to read this and add a suggested accommodation if you have already had Covid or alternative medicines approved in Oregon such as Regeneron, Ivermectin and Hydroxicloriquine. Pacific Justice Institute vaccine resources page: Can Kate mandate vaccines for your kids in schools? If […]