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Freedom Friday We are winning and the Dems are desperate. Kate is threatening to declare a climate emergency and suspend the Oregon constitution’s quorum requirement. I don’t think she will because there are far more negatives for her personally and it may threaten Democrat control of the legislature, not to mention Treasurer, SOS and AG […]

Persuasion: what we say and how we say it makes all the difference in cutting through the digital noise and effectively communicating with others. If OR House and Senate R’s communicate effectively about how why they walked out can they negate the Dems demographic advantage in some legislative districts? Dems up the ante with […]

Why should any Republican legislator compromise on Carbon tax if it ultimately destroys the lives of their constituents? Gov wants R’s to come back and allow carbon tax to pass with delays in it’s eventual implementation in rural areas. House Republicans unexpectedly walked out yesterday to join Senate Republicans who have left the state. […]

Republican Senators walk out to stop the Carbon Tax; does it help them with swing voters or hurt them? Does it depend on their messaging? Nationwide poll shows Crazy Bernie will hurt Dems downticket: Red Flag as this is a Bloomberg internal poll, but if it is true, it helps us in OR […]

Republicans walk out of the short session tonight: the carbon energy sales tax moves out of ways and means committee today and that triggers the walkout. Sen Knopp tells his caucus he isn’t walking out with them because he thinks its the only way to keep the seat in his Republican hands. He is […]

Freedom Friday Legislative lawyers opinion says Cap and Tax is likely a tax which means the Dems can’t keep the Emergency Clause on it and it has to get more votes in both Houses. It’s gonna go to court if it is ever passed, which isn’t likely as R’s are gonna walk out: 6 […]

OR Dems lie about the cost of their Carbon Energy Sales Tax known as Cap and Trade. Even the news story says their calculation doesnt include the cost to business that will be passed to the consumer: Dems sales tax is causing confusion for businesses that must file their taxes at the end of […]

Should House Republicans continue to walk out like they did last night? Should they continue to force Democrats to follow Oregon’s constitution by reading every single word of every bill before they vote: House Republican Rep Reschke writes powerful oped on OR Catalyst about standing on principles by walking out: Kate’s assault on […]

We are winning in Oregon: Dems pull back from ramming cap and tax through and now they say they are holding more hearings and entertaining new amendments that are smoke and mirrors: Timber wars coming to an end? Not hardly and the radical environmental left will never stop until all logging is banned: […]

OR Senate Republicans are choosing between big timber and the little people they represent: Kate is threatening not only big timber, but that she might call the legislature into special session every day if Senate R’s go out of state: R’s should call her bluff. Big Timber can still win by saying we tried to […]