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Freedom Friday: OR Senate Dems pass Cap and Tax out of committee to the check writing Ways and Means committee with no R votes. Another step towards the showdown when Senate R’s call Kate’s bluff and walk out: The bills that are still alive in the short legislative session are all trade bait to […]

Trump and Abraham Lincoln were consistent in putting America first throughout their lives: It is doing what you say you are going to do and it resonates with people. But not Kate as she really doesnt want the public records advocate to outside of her control: do as I say, not as I do. […]

Big Timber made a deal with the devil and threw the Senate Republicans and TimberUnity under the bus who saved their bacon by walking out last session. Will this hurt Republicans willpower to walk out again? Tiny pro Cap and Tax rally at the Capitol yesterday: Who has the momentum? Them or us? […]

Jennifer Williamson drops of Dem SOS race because she was about to be exposed for questionable campaign spending in WW article: Now this makes it harder for Republican Kim Thatcher to win as Sen Mark Hass is trying to portray himself more moderate: Oregonian story: Laughing at Liberals Youtube videos where Williamson brags […]

Would you trust un  elected bureaucrats who work for a leftist governor to write rules that protect your constitutional rights? It’s gonna happen with the gun storage bill: It’s already happened with the “red flag” bill as a paramedic had his guns taken away and didn’t know he had rights until later: The cops […]

The amazing Timber Unity rally yesterday will have a massive impact in the fall elections and moving forward: State Senator Kim Thatcher announces for Secretary of State at the Timber Unity rally: Former Rep Julie Parrish testimony against cap and trade: the facts are stunning. Incredible job report continues to show how […]

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Timber Unity rally-part one Interviews with Timber Unity organizers

Was the SOTU powerful or petty? Petty Pelosi’s disrespectful actions through the entire speech hurts the Dems with many swing voters. Actual statistics that prove Trump’s contention that this is the strongest economy ever. OR Dems float idea of cap and tax that excludes rural OR: