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“Ultimately when we retire, we want to stop worrying about money… [many people] think that because they have a 401(k) retirement’s going to be a cake walk, but they’ve never done the math… You want to have a team to help you come up with a plan that is at least as weatherproof as possible when the storm comes, and that’s what we do.” - Ben Smith, Summit Wealth Strategies

Financial advisor Ben Smith wants to help people enjoy their retirement by working to reduce worries about market risk and rising taxes and building plans to help weather whatever storm might come. Each week on his radio show The Retirement Summit, Ben shares his ideas as not to over-promise or attempt to predict the future, but instead work to debunk common myths that many Americans believe about retirement, using his own personal insight and experience. Covering everything from income to Long-Term Care, Social Security, RMD’s, life insurance, annuities, taxes, and more…Ben wants to help you reach the peak of your own retirement summit.

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