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    03-05-2022 Micky Garus

Movers & Shakers with Stacey Ann

Movers & Shakers with Stacey Ann 11-13-2021

todayNovember 13, 2021 12

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Hello Movers & Shakers thank you for Listening & Sharing!

First Segment: Covered News & Community events- Included a personal story of a family I know who said a Oregon State worker was going door to door to find the unvaccinated….I asked her to share it with us today.

Read her story now—>

We tell ourselves that the day they coming knocking, we will know exactly what to say.

The day they knocked my door was a hell of a day. One sick kid, another with a broken arm, and my sisters son spent the day terrorizing me and my house. I was a wreck and my house looked only slightly better.

Then, the knock came.

I looked through the peephole, like I usually do. As a stay at home mom I knew not to open the door unless I knew who it was. She looked like my neighbor, the one that would knock on my door to complain about this or that, always something I wasn’t doing to HOA codes.

I opened the door, prepared for a battle, but I was prepared for the wrong battle.

She didn’t even introduce herself, just said she was from the state and asked if we were vaccinated.

At that moment, all three children rushed the door, pushing me aside to look at our new guest.

My biggest fear, knowing how state agents works, was that she was someone from Child Protective Services. I pushed the children back inside, my mind racing with only one thought: save the children.

I replied with “What? No.” While also trying to tell the screaming children to calm down.

Before my mind even comprehended the fact that I had just shared private medical information with a complete stranger who had our address and knew that I was a stay at home mom with three kids, she was typing away into her phone.

She smiled, thanked me politely, and wished me a good day as she turned away.

I called out to her, asking out of curiosity what they do with that information, my blood running cold throughout my body.

She said honestly, she didn’t know. She just logged in the answer along with the reason as to why not.

I asked her if she was going door to door in our neighborhood or how she knew which door to knock on.

She shrugged and said she didn’t know who was behind the door when she knocked, she was only given a list of addresses to go to.

She then reassured me that the government agency she worked for was dedicated to offering information and guidance to people who are hesitant about making the decision about vaccines.

I informed her matter of factly, maybe if the people trusted the government more, we would trust the medical procedures they mandate.

She shrugged again and said “That is your opinion.”

Knowing she was just a door knocking, list following, cog in a bigger meaner machine, I wished her a good day as I closed the door.

I researched the government agency whose logo was on her mask and her bag.

Their website says they are dedicated to answering questions about vaccines and offering guidance for minorities hesitant about vaccines. Yet, when I said ‘No’ no other information was offered and no other questions were asked. All they wanted to know was a yes or a no as if we can only be one of two types of people.

I don’t know how I ended up on their list of houses to knock on. Was it the ER visit we had the week prior for my sons broken arm? Was it my exuberant conservative Facebook posts? Is it because my husband and I are children of immigrants?

I guess we will never know.

All I know is, that there is a list somewhere with my address, and the fact that we do not vaccinate, and we do not trust the government. If this is our future, I fear for America, I fear for the America my father migrated her for, and I fear for the America our children will have to live through.

Our only choice for salvation now, is to turn to Jesus and prepare for the day we will we welcomed home.

Segment 2-4 Guest:  Walt Peters reporting LIVE from “Let Freedom Ring” Rally at the Oregon State     Capital in Salem, Oregon.

News from US Today  Federal appeals court keeps on hold Biden’s COVID-19 vaccine-or-testing rule for large companies

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Written by: stacey

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