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Just how far gone is a society which is so governed by fear that it is willing to commit suicide rather than confront tyranny> The truth is that those who mandate that people harm themselves intend much more than just more economic destruction. “The STUPID Test — and AmeriKa is failing, catastrophically!”

News, commentary, and an extended summary of major events for the week ending 11 July, 2020.

“When in the Course of human events…” Will this be the last anniversary of the unanimous approval of the Declaration of Independence that formerly-free America is ever allowed to celebrate? As it is, most AmeriKans are already ignorant of Truths which were once universally agreed to be “self-evident:” that we have a Creator, and that […]

News, commentary, and an extended summary of the major events during the week ending Saturday, 27 June, 2020.

This week is a bit different show than usual. And that is important, because the no-longer-veiled attempt to utterly destroy what is left of the constitutional republic is different than anything that has happened before in history. So Mark takes a look at a vital question. “When the foundations are DESTROYED, what can – and […]

News, commentary, and an extended summary of events for the week ending 13 June, 2020.

We’ve now seen a long-inevitable economic meltdown and debt bubble collapse, even if the wastestream press and complicit politicians blame the Covid-1984 PLANdemic. We’ve seen the panic-induced one-two punch of the Leftist Lockdowns, and the placebo mask idiocy. And now we’ve seen Yet Another Attempt to get that long-planned race war/civil var/Thin-Blue-Line War finally kicked […]

This edition of the show will be a bit different than usual. But, of course, so is the current, and so literally satanically well-executed, worldwide meltdown and slide into tyranny. Over the decade or so at this point that host Mark Call has been quoting Revelation 18:4, and advising that we take to heart the […]

By now it’s hopefully clear to all those with “eyes to see,” that the current war on the once-free American people not only has NOTHING to do with protecting them from Covid-19 [84] but everything to do with establishing a “new world order” Tyranny that they couldn’t accomplish without the total destruction of the Constitutional […]

Host Mark Call has made the point, fairly frequently even, that formerly free people, having traded essential liberty for a little temporary security, and their birthright for nothing more than a cup of pottage, were descending into slavery. Now, we’re there. Free people choose; slaves follow orders. And AmeriKa-with-a-K has a LOT of slaves today. […]