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The Eric Metaxas Show

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News, commentary, and an extended summary of events this ‘holiday-shortened’ week of Thanksgiving, ending 27 November, 2021.

News, commentary, and an extended summary of major events — and even some of the things now being revealed after Extended Lies! — for the week ending Saturday, 13 November, 2021.

News, commentary, and an extended summary of event chronicling the decline and fall of the world’s latest empire, for the week ending Friday, 17 September, 2021. “They” really are trying to destroy what’s left of the Republic, and kill tens of millions. And the events of this week leave no doubt.

Yes, it’s THAT date: the anniversary of (at least so far) the most successful false flag attack in AmeriKan history. Host Mark Call takes a look at the stories of the week just ending that show why that may not hold true for long. More importantly, what it means now that the “shofar” has been […]

This week, Mark has a bit more than the news and commentary for this busy week. It’s also Independence Day weekend. So, there’s much to consider. And how can we fight, or even endure, what is now upon us, without recognizing and remembering what it is that once SO much mattered?

After a long hospital stay, host Mark Call returns, and reviews some of the events of the past week, the past month, and some of his own story over that same timeframe.

This week Mark takes a bit different look at state of the nation and the news. Alexis de Tocqueville is said to have written that “America is great because America is good,” and that if and when that ceases, America will cease to be great. And while there is some dissent about whether or not […]

Host Mark Call closes out the year with one of the most stark warnings he’s ever given. This has been a year – literally – like no other. Just about every Evil Conspiracy even hinted at by those with “eyes to see” has been pulled out of the Leftist Hat and foisted on a somnambulent […]

A special news and commentary update on some of the most important aspects of the most blatant, massive, and lied about (especially by the complicit wastestream media) coup attempts in US history: the 2020 Election Heist. But there’s another big trap being layed out here, because there’s more here than just Election Fraud. And the […]

This week is a bit different show than usual. And that is important, because the no-longer-veiled attempt to utterly destroy what is left of the constitutional republic is different than anything that has happened before in history. So Mark takes a look at a vital question. “When the foundations are DESTROYED, what can – and […]