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Host John Kruse chats with Casey Kaiser about his overland jeep adventures in the deserts of SE Oregon, talks to retired fisheries enforcement officer Jim “Tug” Tuggle about his new book, “Fish Cop”, has guide Mike Howe give tips about sizing up iced over lakes for panfish and learns about new state record fish from Brian Pearson with the Idaho Dept. of Fish and Game. 

This week on America Outdoors Radio we’ll talk to Colin Kearns, Editor-in-Chief of Field & Stream Magazine, about their special 125th anniversary edition.  One of the great stories you’ll find in the pages of this edition is the tale of a Maine moose hunt that started off in a canoe and ended in a very unique manner.  T Edward Nickens joins us to share more about this adventure.  Another place to hunt, and fish, is Texas and Cable Smith, the host of the Lone Star Outdoor Show, will share his picks when it comes to fishing and hunting trips here.   Finally, if you are out of cell phone range on your next adventure, you may want to have a SPOT satellite messaging or tracking device with you and we’ll tell you more about that too. 

Walker Smith, the Managing Editor at, busts several myths about fall bass fishing in a conversation with host John Kruse.  Follow Walker’s advice and you will likely be reeling in more bass (and bigger ones too) this fall.  Air Date – October 10, 2020 – America Outdoors Radio

Joey Puetman, the Founder of Joey’s Fly Fishing Foundation, tells host John Kruse how he brings kids from all over the United States to Sheridan, Wyoming where they learn how to build a fly rod, use it to catch cutthroat trout in streams around the state, and in the process, learn a whole lot more.  Air Date – August 29, 2020 – America Outdoors Radio

Will Brantley – Hunting Editor for “Field and Stream Magazine”, talks to host John Kruse and shares tips to help you bag a spring gobbler from a recent article he wrote that emphasizes pairing up with a fellow hunter to tag out on more turkeys.  Air Date – April 11, 2020 – America Outdoors Radio

Doug Smith, the Senior Wildlife Biologist at Yellowstone National Park, chats with host John Kruse about the status of various game populations in Yellowstone National Park and the best places to see animals like wolves, bear, elk, moose and more.  Air Date – September 26, 2020 – Northwestern Outdoors Radio

Jeff Birkby, author of “Touring Hot Springs Washington and Oregon” as well as “Touring Hot Springs Montana and Wyoming”, chats with host John Kruse about some great hot spring destinations to visit in these states this winter!  Air Date – Dec 26, 2020 – Northwestern Outdoors Radio

Fishing professional Steve Rogers shares some great advice for the first-time bass boat buyer with information about whether an aluminum or fiberglass boat is right for you, why the size of the outboard motor matters, and what you should look for in an electric trolling motor.  Air Date – July 04, 2020 – America Outdoors Radio 

Wild game chef and book author Hank Shaw dishes out some some great advice with host John Kruse and his listeners about preparing a wild game dinner for Thanksgiving.  Hank shares tips to help you prepare and cook delicious wild turkey, wild goose and big game.  Air date – November 21st, 2020 – Northwestern Outdoors Radio

Boxing Day weekend on Northwestern Outdoors Radio brings you author Jeff Birkby who will tell you about hot springs you can visit this winter in four northwestern states.  Cam Perry joins us to share an Oregon Coast fishing and hunting report and Mike Howe, the man behind the Perch Assault Ice Fishing Tournament Series in Western Montana, tells us how the first event went and what’s coming up next.