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This week on America Outdoors Radio host John Kruse chats with Shane Dressel with Sportsman’s Warehouse who will introduce you to their top selling hunting rifle this season.  Bernie Schultz has a great primer for you about saltwater snook fishing in the gulf and off the coast of Florida and the Carolinas.  Alex Robinson, Editor in Chief for Outdoor Life, reports on a wonderful opportunity for early season goose hunting going on now in North Dakota and Tim Brass with Backcountry Hunters & Anglers invites you to help clean up our public lands during their 2nd annual Public Lands Pack Out! 

Phil Hayes, the founder of Wilderness Lite Ultralight Float Tubes, talks about tactics and techniques you can use to be successful at any high country lake you are fishing for trout!  Air Date – Aug 15, 2020

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It’s Labor Day weekend on Northwestern Outdoors Radio and Bryan Bell with Pure Fishing joins us to preview the Northwest Berkley Big Bass Tournament coming up October 3rd at Eastern Washington’s Potholes Reservoir where anglers can win up to $3000 per hour and where one of the competing teams will be taking home a $42,000 Skeeter bass boat!  Don Martin with River Recreation tells you about one last chance for whitewater rafting fun taking place this month on the Tieton River and Roger Phillips with the Idaho Department of Fish and Game shares big game hunting prospects in Idaho for this season along with a round-up of other outdoors news stories.  
*  IMPORTANT NOTE – Since this aired the Northwest Berkley Big Bass Tournament has been cancelled.

This Labor Day weekend on America Outdoors Radio we’ll get a chance to talk to Greg Falkner, the General Manager of Lowe Boats, about their 50-year anniversary and the new Lowe Legacy Bass Boat they are rolling out which offers a whole bunch of bang for the buck!  Speaking of things that go bang, you can do that with your shotgun at NILO Farms in Illinois, a preserve hunting experience offering not only a great time but a deep sense of firearms and duck dog history.  Another place to hunt is Wyoming and Sara DiRienzo with Wyoming Game and Fish will share this season’s hunting prospects with you.   Finally, Scott Bustel wrote a great article for Field and Stream about hunting small tracts of land for whitetails and he’ll share some of those deer hunting strategies on the air! 

This week on America Outdoors Radio Tom Carpenter with Pheasants Forever shares a prairie grouse hunting forecast and some advice on how to bag these birds of the wide open plains.  Alex McCrickard will tell you how to remove a barbed hook from yourself or your fishing partner without a trip to the emergency room and Joey Puetman, the founder of Joey’s Fly Fishing Foundation, talks abou the great work he is doing to introduce kids to fly fishing and nature in Wyoming.  In addition to this Alanna Keating will invite you to participate in the Recast and Recycle Contest being put on by the Boat U.S. Foundation and Berkley seeing ideas on how to better recycle fishing line and soft plastic baits. 

This weekend on Northwestern Outdoors Radio we’ve got three great destinations for you to enjoy in September and October.  The first is the wild and scenic Rogue River in Southern Oregon where Helfrich Outfitters is offering multi-day fly fishing trips for steelhead or if you prefer, you can raft or hike this section of the Rogue River.  Kelsey Helfrich joins us to tell you more.   Another great place to go fishing is Jameson Lake in Eastern Washington.   After a few down years this lake is back and kicking out big rainbows and very nice Kokanee salmon too!  Julie Stilley with Jameson Lake Resort will tell you more.  If you prefer big walleye you’ll want to hear our extended Mack’s Minute with Jaime Rodriguez from JROD Angling who has been pulling out some hefty marble eyes out of the Columbia River this summer and if you want to go to a place with no water and no fish that offers a landscape like no other you’ll want to visit the Craters of the Moon National Monument in Eastern Idaho.  Gregory Reed, the Chief Interpretive Ranger there, will tell you more about this very unique landscape formed by volcanic activity.  

This weekend on Northwestern Outdoors Radio Jeff Wheeler with Washington State Parks profiles two wonderul places we got to visit last week.   Camano Island State Park and Cama Beach Resort are both saltwater beachfront parks and if you go bring your crabbing gear!  Heading to Montana outfitter Mike Howe shares fishing reports from Flathead Lake, Fort Peck Reservoir and more while Bob Loomis with Mack’s Lure shares tips for coaxing trout to bite during the heat of the summer.  We’ll also be joined by Dave Workman, a very well known firearms writer who loves to go grouse hunting!  He’ll tell you about his favorite grouse guns and give you some ideas on how to cook grouse too!  

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This week on America Outdoors Radio Julie McQueen, the President of Carbon TV, tells us about this fast growing platform airing over 200 outdoors shows that are free for the public to view.  Julie will also share who some of the winners are for the first annual Carbon Awards and explain what she’s looking for from prospective television hosts who want to air shows on her network.  In addition to this, Chris Fontenot, the founder of A Cajun Life, helps us celebrate National Catfish Month with an easy to make recipe and we’ve got all sorts of news about fishing and unfortunately, about poaching too. 

PLUS THE PACIFIC NW EDITION OF AMERICA OUTDOORS RADIO – Heard exclusively on Seattle Sports Radio 950 KJR Saturday from 7 to 8 AM:
1.  Liz Hamilton with the Northwest Sportfishing Industry Association sounds the alarm about gillnets going back into the Columbia River
2.  The latest fishing, crabbing and hunting reports from the Pacific Northwest
3.  Bob Loomis with Mack’s Lure talks about whether you should use flashers or dodgers at the famous Buoy 10 fishery this month

This week on Northwestern Outdoors Radio host John Kruse discusses two hot button topics with Chase Gunnell, the Communications Director for Conservation Northwest.  The two start off talking about dam breaching in Washington State and then move on to talk about Wolf management in the Evergreen State to include a controversial idea to transplant wolves from NE Washington into other parts of the state.
In addition to these segments Eric Winther joins us for an update from the Northern Pikeminnow Sport Reward Fishery Program, Bob Loomis is on board with another extended “Mack’s Minute”, Wyoming is planting catfish into ponds around the Cowboy State and David Sparks is back with another edition of “Sportsman’s Spotlight”

The complete broadcast of America Outdoors Radio combining our national show with regional content from the Pacific Northwest, heard exclusively on Seattle Sports Radio 950 KJR!
This week John Kruse chats with – 
1.  Harry Murray with Murray’s Fly Shop in Edinburg, VA for a Shenandoah Valley fishing report.
2.  Marilyn Meseberg at MarDon Resort with a fishing report from Potholes Reservoir in Washington State and an overview of her resort. 
3.  Mark Kayser, that well known television host and outdoors writer from Wyoming, who shares some great pronghorn archery advice you can put to use this year!
4.  Ethan Butler who introduces you to a couple of revised classic topwater bass lures – The Jitterbug and Hula Popper 2.0!
Meanwhile, when it comes to regional content we are joined by Bruce Warren with Fishing for Fun Guide Service and Bob Loomis with Mack’s Lure!