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Political Coffee

  Freedom Friday: Portland cops claim new law HB2928 passed by Dems/Repubs and signed by Kate doesn’t allow them to stop rioting and destruction of property. Here’s who voted for it: Kate commutes sentences of 70 teen murderers/rapists. Ted Wheeler wants to go back to the way it was with the Portland […]

Body integrity: Don’t you have a right to decide what goes in your body? A Fed judge says not really as she dismisses Freedom Foundation’s TRO request to stop Kate’s vaccine mandate for those who have already had Covid. Yet, OHSU says that 85% herd immunity will be achieved in OR by December because […]

Connecting the dots of high inflation and tyranny: Can you use Biden and Kate’s low approval ratings to persuade the persuadable to start voting differently, especially the unaffiliated independents? Putting a good face on how Kate’s vaccine mandate is hurting people. Once again the media covers for her. Interview with Charles from Accurate […]

HIPPAA Class action lawsuit anyone? It wasn’t an inadvertent release of 40,000 OR State Govt employees vaccination status: it is meant to expose and create peer pressure to force them to get the shot: Does it backfire? Highest paid WA state employee is fired for not getting the shot: WA State coach and 4 […]

Kate’s vaccine mandate deadline is today: What’s the real impact on our lives, especially emergency services? Did you get an exception with conditions that are discriminatory? Boeing workers protest vaccine mandates: Thousands of US Special Forces getting dishonorably discharged for not taking the shot? Over 16,000 Americans died from Covid vaccines according […]

Will Betsy Johnson’s independent run for governor hurt Republicans or Dems? Freedom Foundation anti vaccine lawsuit Temporary Restraining Order to be heard Monday, which is Kate’s mandate deadline: Another law firm suing on behalf of your freedom from vaccine mandates: Sydney Powell’s counter lawsuit against Dominion says the US DOD holds patents […]

Kate gives more state workers a new deadline of Nov 30 to get the jab: how about the rest of us? Inflation hedging: Interview with Charles from Salem based Accurate Precious Metals. Bill Post resigns effective Nov 30: right thing to do, but wrong reason. He’s still a good man/great conservative. Defunding […]

“Non mandatory recommendations” Possible legal defense to Kate’s vaccine mandate: OR court of appeals recent decision points the way. Vaccine Mandate and 15,000 missing healthcare workers:  

School boards in multiple states ban political flags: It’s where the battle is now. New sex ed Common Core is radical to our kids: OR Sen Linthicum’s latest newsletter on the Covid super killer that never happened: WA state ferry system canceling crossings as employees refuse the jab: Good luck: Republicans […]

Happy Columbus Day! Or in Oregon, its Indigenous People’s Day. Oregon Nurses Union calls nursing shortage historic and catastrophic: Why don’t they help their nurses who don’t want the shot? 81% of Covid deaths in UK in September were from vaccinated! Higher rate of Covid infections in vaccinated vs unvaccinated in UK: […]