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Keeping It Real Estate

We are answering some of your questions on today’s show about buying and selling your home. In this market is a 20% down payment enough? Definitely! While it may be harder to win certain bids 20% is usually more than enough. Mary wrote in that her loan approval was for $700,000 and with all the […]

Today we’re opening up the mailbag again to find out what you’re most interested in when it comes to buying and selling a home and we have some great questions to dive into.   We’ll cover the foreclosure market and whether we’ll see that increase around Oregon. Then we’ll talk about the pros and cons […]

Let’s open up the mailbag and answer some of your questions about buying and selling your home. Stella says her neighbors are also planning on selling their home soon. Should she list before, after, or at the same time as them? With interest rates rising and a changing market, we recommend getting listed as soon […]

With a lot of investors buying up more and more properties in the past few years, there have been a lot of flipped houses coming onto the market. When you are in the search for your next home, how can you be sure what you’re looking at isn’t a cheap flip? If you’re looking at […]

Kathy saw someone on the news recently list their home extremely below market price and it generated a lot of buzz. What does Colleen think of this strategy? This is a great question; most sellers want to price high and go from there. This strategy can generate a lot of bids on your home and […]

True or false? It’s impossible to buy right now without overpaying. You might feel like you are overpaying for homes on the market right now, but keep in mind your equity is also going up once you own that home. So, Colleen doesn’t really see it as overpaying. True or false? You’re most likely going […]

What headlines are trending around the real estate market? With a lack of supply, hopeful homebuyers are finding fewer and fewer options. Which means fewer contract signings. In our own area, we are down 20% on new listings taken. We’ve also seen skyrocketing prices and the average seller profit from 2021 was almost $100,000! Salem […]

Have you seen the reality show “Selling Sunset”? It covers the top-end and high-end luxury real estate market in Los Angeles. On today’s episode, we are going to have some fun and talk about some of the “Selling Sunset” secrets that may apply to your home buying experience, no matter the price tag.  Never assume […]

Inflation has been rising across the country. How does that impact your home buying timeline? We are seeing mortgage rates increase, but it’s still cheaper to own than to rent. Rent is more unpredictable, a mortgage is locked in. What advice does Colleen have for people searching for luxury homes? While a lot of the […]

Are you curious about HOAs in the Salem area? Many people moving up from California will be pleasantly surprised to learn there are plenty of nice neighborhoods without steep HOA costs. A lot of people are thinking of waiting until spring to sell, but there are serious buyers out there right now. Does Colleen think […]