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Political Coffee 2-26-2020

Written by on March 5, 2020

Why should any Republican legislator compromise on Carbon tax if it ultimately destroys the lives of their constituents? Gov wants R’s to come back and allow carbon tax to pass with delays in it’s eventual implementation in rural areas.

House Republicans unexpectedly walked out yesterday to join Senate Republicans who have left the state. Who is winning the messaging wars? Sen Kim Thatcher says a boycott is necessary to stop bad laws from hurting good people so is that more persuasive than Dems message of do your job?

PERS escalating costs is the real reason Kate and the Dems are desperate to pass another new tax.

Political momentum has moved towards conservatives and Republicans nationally which helps us in Oregon:: Fox News hits all time viewership high, up 35% from last year while CNN and MSNBC went down, especially in the 27 to 54 demographic which is the bellwether everyone watches.

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