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    03-05-2022 Micky Garus

Jeff Kropf

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Political Coffee

Political Coffee 6-1-2022: Another Oregonian hit piece on Betsy Johnson, Biden won’t harden schools, Justice Alito halts mail in ballot counting in PA, FBI has office in Dem law firm, Wyden stupid quote of the day

Oregonian hit piece on Betsy Johnson cause she owns a machine gun: Biden not interested in hardening schools but instead wants to ban some guns: SCOTUS justice Alito halts counting of mail in ballots in local PA race cause they don’t have postmarks: FBI has workspace inside Dem law firm: Corruption. Ukrainians afraid to speak out against their govt bombing their own citizens cause they’ll be arrested: Stupid quote of […]

todayJune 1, 2022 7 1 5

Political Coffee

Political Coffee 5-31-2022: Woke Memorial day message I missed, KSLM live Saturday broadcast from Freedom Rally, 2000 Mules documentary produces plea bargains and recalls in Yuma, more potential voter fraud that Dems passed in OR, voter fraud reversal in CA local election

My bad: I missed the woke transgender message from the ODVA director yesterday: KSLM broadcasting live this Saturday at Oregon Freedom Rally with 2000 Mules producer Dinesh D’Souza: 2000 Mules documentary leads to new recall effort against non profit director and Yuma county AZ board chairman: More on potential voter fraud voting laws passed by only Dems in last session: Voter Fraud causes reversal in local CA election:  

todayMay 31, 2022 7

Political Coffee

Political Coffee 5-30-2022: Memorial Day 2022, unsung Revolutionary War hero, Betsy Johnson defends her gun voting record, RINO Senators want more useless gun control, Fox’s anchor gets blasted for her lie about 2000 Mules and how Gen X became Trumpiest generation.

Memorial Day 2022: Unsung Hero: Revolutionary War story of 26 yr old American sea captain who died in battle: OR Dept Veterans Affairs shares a good message on Memorial Day 2022: Betsy Johnson defends her gun votes in surprise appearance at Portland TEDx talk: RINO US Senators line up to take away more of your fundamental right to defend your family: Fox’s Sandra Smith gets blasted by Congressman Mo Brooks […]

todayMay 30, 2022 3

Political Coffee

Political Coffee 5-27-2022: Dr Frank election videos, gun grabbing OR Dems hypocrisy, Gov candidates respond to gun control ideas, lefitst faith leaders want more gun control, hold electeds resonsible by going after their bonds

Dr Frank videos on elections: Leftist OR House legislators call for stricter gun laws and Kevin Starrett at OFF exposes their hypocrisy: OR Gov candidates respond to gun control ideas: Johnson was bold, Kotek was typical leftist and Drazan was in hiding: Leftist faith leaders want to ban large capacity magazines: Clackamas County is so bad it made news in PA: Hold elected officials accountable by going after their bonding: […]

todayMay 27, 2022 1

Political Coffee

Political Coffee 5-20-2022: 1966 leftist strategy happening now, potential mail vote fraud, Lars on election, Gordon Smith/Ted Kulongoski endorse Betsy, $950 kicker coming unless Dems steal it and WA gas stations prepping for $10 gas

Is a 1966 leftist strategy guiding what’s happening in OR and America today? The misinformation from SOS Fagan and how ballots are accepted after election day even without a postmark. Lars on unexpected election result: Gordon Smith and Ted Kulongoski endorse Betsy for Gov: 3B kicker refund means avg $950 per person: WA gas stations preparing for $10 gas at the pump:  

todayMay 20, 2022 2