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Author: Jeff Kropf

Hour 1 Hour 2 Quo Warranto can be used to stymie Senate Impeachment trial: Trump creates “Office of the Former President”: It’s bait for MSM to criticize and look stupid because they didn’t criticize when Biden created “Office of President Elect”. Also signals he’s still front and center as the GOP leader. Trump […]

Hour 1 Hour 2 Giving SOS Fagan dangerous new power: HB2908. Allowing SOS Fagan and AG Rosenblum access to bank account records, phone records, text messages and emails following an election law complaint or just random checking. Fish wrapper editorial thinks ORP resolution condemning 10 US House R’s for voting for impeachment is wrong […]

Hour 1 Hour 2 Cyber fraud detection expert says 100% certain 2020 election fraud real: Hard to argue with a guy who bailed out Ebay and a lot of other companies who couldn’t figure out cyber fraud. OR proposed HB2238 doesn’t comply with the Federal Stafford act: Sect 706 Firearms policies. AZ moving […]

Hour 1 Hour 2 False hope or real? Writ of Quo Warranto: It could force the Supreme Court to vacate the Presidency? Unconstitutional and dangerous to your liberty: Oregon HB2238-Givng the Gov ability to sieze your personal property in and after an emergency, but only temporarily of course. How do the Democrats put […]

Hour 1 Hour 2 How do you feel today with Trump’s departure? Demoralized by election and no Trump action? Discipline and Courage: Trump can win the war. All is not lost: Liz Cheney: The Trumpster must take her out. We must rebel against the ruling class: McConnell must go: Trump has […]

Hour 1 Hour 2 Staying in the political fight by apologizing? Mark Shull doesn’t resign but is contrite and asks forgiveness for his remarks and asks for time to prove his change of heart. It’s the right thing to do and Republicans can learn from him. Why Trump shouldn’t show up for his expected […]

Hour 1 Hour 2 How would Trump’s Martial Law/Exec Order affect you? Is it possible or just crazy talk? Would it disrupt your life like going to work or grocery shopping or even church? Would Congress and SCOTUS be suspended? DNI Radcliffe says China interfered which could trigger Trump’s Exec Order. Patriots are standing […]

Hour 1 Hour 2 Hour 3 Can the establishment reclaim the Republican party from Trump? Depends on what Trump does going forward. Poll shows R’s side with Trump Emergency event: Surviving the Big Tech purge online seminar: register. Trump needs to issue Exec Order to immediately have Jovan Pulitzer method of scanning optical […]

Hour 1 Hour 2 Hour 3 National Guard for me, but not for thee: hypocritical state rep Wilde now supports the NG protecting him at the Capitol when he opposed the NG protecting businesses and citizens during the ANTIFA riots. Did Biden win a legitimate, legal election? Not hardly but leftist WW goes after […]

Hour 1 Hour 2 Hour 3 How do we stop the tyranny descending upon us now? Pray first, then act using your constitutionally guaranteed rights. Take back the Republican party at every level. Millions of small dollar donations to fund primary opponents against Republicans who betray us so conservatives will control Republican caucuses in Congress. […]