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Political Coffee 5-1-2020

Written by on May 11, 2020

Happy Communist workers day! The leftists who gladly steal your liberty are never satisfied as they struggle for unattainable utopia.

Surprise!! If you were a small business that got a PPP loan would it help or hurt you  to now have to pay the new sales tax on the loan money? The law of unintended consequences: It not only doesn’t feel right, it’s immoral.

Should we punish China for purposefully releasing the virus on America? If so how?

Is it time to re-open Oregon? Is the virus really that bad? Nope and Senator Dennis Linthicum’s latest newsletter keeps it in perspective.

Trump gets a water rights win for Oregon farmers and ranchers against the Oregon Water Resources Dept doing Kate’s bidding to steal water the courts have long said belongs to people and not fish!

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