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Political Coffee 5-11-2020

Written by on June 7, 2020

6% of Covid 19 hospitalizations come from home!! 86% in total are from where people live!


Europe’s best selling newspaper says lockdown was a mistake! Excessive, people became compliers and snitches. Prefer Swedish model, with distancing and at risk people stay at home.


Fish Wrap editorial: Unemployed deserve more than a busy signal. Who is responsible for not upgrading the computer system that handles your claim? Will anyone be held accountable? 380,000 jobless claims (20% of workforce) with 6,000 leftover from March and a backlog of 62,000 claims and rising that need help. Antiquated system that is costing workers at least 180M in lost federal $600 per week benefit that is running out of time.


They are working seven days a week with 655 people now working processing claims:


Kate did something right for once! Obvious conclusion: letting business operate hasn’t increased infection or death rate in OR:


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