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    03-05-2022 Micky Garus

Political Coffee

Political Coffee 5-12-2020

todayJune 7, 2020 7

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Who said: “Crisis is the rallying cry of the tyrant”?

Never let a crisis go to waste: could Republicans force a realignment of state government priorities and spending as Kate faces the music and orders agencies to prepare for 17% cuts while she waits for a Fed bailout.  Decades of overspending  by Dem Governors will now be exposed as she tries to keep the economy shut down to hurt Trump: how can this not hurt her power base of government unions? Does Kate even care about anyone if she is willing to hurt the very people that support her just to get Trump?


DC email from an insider: “A friend who works in DC said he is sick to his stomach everyday he goes to work. He said democrat congress members are literally giddy with the results the virus is having on the economy. They eagerly compare unemployment and market numbers every morning in the halls, offices and over phone conferences, laughing and mocking Trump as they watch the economy, he built crumble. They are actually excited about what the virus is doing to America during an election year and the opportunities it presents to go after Trump. He said that their intention is to drag the shutdown out as long as possible in order to crash the economy (Trumps strength) right before the election to make Trump look bad. He said Pelosi is ordering/threatening democratic state governors to keep their states shutdown as long as possible assuring them they will be rewarded when they take the Senate and White House. All at the expense of America.This isn’t rumor or opinion; this is happening.”

Are voters in the mood to re pass existing gas taxes let alone put up with new taxes given economic meltdown? Will the new 240M Metro homeless tax actually cause more homelessness if the new tax passes?

Small businesses want to hire – but can’t if you drown them in new taxes.


How the kicker saved politicians from themselves:

Rep Reschke: Sorry isn’t good enough:


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    Political Coffee 5-12-2020 Jeff Kropf

Written by: Jeff Kropf

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