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Political Coffee 5-29-2020

Written by on June 10, 2020

Now Kate’s lawyers argue that her prior virus lockdown rules that damaged churches don’t matter because they are being treated the same as other gatherings: Wrongo! You can’t go backwards and claim no harm was done. They also argue in essence that constitutional rights being harmed aren’t as bad as the harm to public safety if the Baker Co judge’s injunction is upheld. Again they’re wrong because constitutional rights always trump statute.

Portland settles with pro life protestor that sued because they made him leave a public park where he was preaching: He’s also part of the lawsuit against Kate Brown’s lockdown orders

Sham Unemployment Dept hearing update: Legislative committee chairman reverses and holds extremely rare Sat committee hearing. They are very afraid of the power of this issue.

Bend Bulletin editorial against sham hearing:

OOPS! Kate concedes and establishes committee to oversee distribution of CARES act money to rural Oregon: somebody got to her and I bet the recall has something to do with it>



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