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Political Coffee 12-01-2020

Written by on December 1, 2020

The stage is being set for bombshell evidence next week. Tuesday’s radio show topics
SCOTUS will not save the Republic but Republican legislators who can choose Trump electors can if they are given irrefutable evidence that computers were manipulated to steal the election. It may cost some Republicans their seats but wouldn’t you want them to if it saved your family’s future?…/crowd-erupts-cheers…/
AZ hearing fallout: Retired Col says Dominion machines were connected to internet and there was massive data moving from them onto servers.…/literally-hundreds…/
More AZ hearing fallout: Twitter suspends credible witness whose analysis of voter data shows clear voter fraud.…/no-dissent-allowed…/
AZ hearing: truckloads of ballots arrived for 10 days after election.…/arizona-witness…/
AZ hearing chairman and my old friend Rep Mark Finchem calls for electors to be withheld because of evidence of significant fraud.…/breaking-arizona…/
AZ hearing: Anonymous email sent to each AZ legislator and FBI/DOJ alleging being at a meeting where tech workers told that 35,000 votes were given to Democrats automatically at the beginning of the election in Pima county.…/video-anonymous…/
AZ hearing: Dr. Shiva (4 MIT degrees) presented data that Biden got 1.3 value for each vote and Trump .70 value for each vote.…/dr-shiva-presents…/

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