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Author: Jeff Kropf

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Christian Worship Service at the state Capitol May 17th, 10AM 10 Oregon churches sue Kate over her unconstitutional shutdown of churches: they say she didn’t have the right to extend the emergency order. Kate’s reopen plan doesn’t include churches, but does allow jewelry stores, art galleries and boutiques to open which tells you a […]

What will Kate do if we hold church service on May 17th on steps of the Capitol at 10am? Be like Virginia’s left wing governor who is fining and threatening a pastor who held a Palm Sunday service for 16 people?  Lawmakers and Pastors push back: Archdiocese of Portland will reopen 152 Catholic […]

Should we wear masks and social distance at the Capitol worship service on May 17th to show the Gov that she should treat churches the same as Lowes or Safeway because we can take similar precautions: Is there risk in living? If you do anything like get your hair cut are you putting yourself at […]

May 17th is Sunday prayer service at the Capitol. Spread the word. Kate Brown is holding back Federal Virus relief money to rural counties but not Portland: Is she trying to hurt areas of the state that don’t like her and support Republicans? Or is she holding it back to use it for state general […]

It’s time for an interfaith church service on Sunday at the state Capitol building to protest churches being shutdown until phase 4: churches move to online even though they can meet in person with social distancing Will the massive protest Saturday at the Capitol result in a political realignment in Oregon? Hospitlization from the […]

Happy Communist workers day! The leftists who gladly steal your liberty are never satisfied as they struggle for unattainable utopia. Surprise!! If you were a small business that got a PPP loan would it help or hurt you  to now have to pay the new sales tax on the loan money? The law of unintended […]

Ode to my mother’s husband of 29 years, Richard “Dick” Borgaard- The beast must be fed: Oregon demands taxes from lottery game purveyors even though they shut them down? What sense does that make? Turn criminals loose so they don’t get the virus? Parole board considering: Why did he lie? Konspiracy Kate Brown’s […]

Should public education embrace new teaching opportunities that benefit students or let the unions and education establishment that have failed us keep us in mediocrity? Online learning goes into orbit: the convergence of the Whuan CCP virus attack and Trump’s Space Force.—&ntv_fpc=7e2a9fb2-42b6-40c4-a76d-52ca15538511 How would you deal with paying a new tax but not knowing […]

he deep state claims another victim: combat veteran and successful community activtist for conservative causes/states rights gets screwed by a McCain institute operative. The institute has become a left wing operation that gets shadowy donations from the world’s elites:   Good versus evil: Will condemning the CCP miraculously heal Coronavirus patients? Epoch Times editorial […]

If you new you were going to take a pay cut because a recession was coming, wouldn’t you start cutting your spending in advance? Kate is rolling the dice that Oregon is going to get a federal bailout: shouldn’t she be aggressively having her agencies begin cutting 20%? Baker County reopening plan goes to […]