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Author: Jeff Kropf

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MC county creates specific space against whiteness: should be challenged in Federal court: Take your own poll: do people in your world support the shutdown continuing? WW has DHM poll that says 82% of Oregonians do. Left leaning group sponsored the poll of course: Did you watch the first round of the […]

Will constitutional Sheriff’s in OR step up to protect our rights during the lockdown like in WA and other states? McConnell says he wont’ solve state problems they created for themselves: tough love that is sensible right? Kate pledges to save small business by taxing small business: What? Kate doubles down on […]

Who’d thunk it? Kayne West and Chick-fil-A team up along with Anthem Blue Cross to deliver sandwiches/hand sanitizer to provide food to over 11,000 people per day in Los Angeles: Idaho farmer gives away millions of potatoes for free because he can’t sell them: Dairy’s are dumping milk that could be given away for […]

More data from Professor Hinkley: it affects you. Kate’s plan to re open Oregon: is it realistic? More stories of unused testing: If Oregon adds presumed virus deaths to official toll, will that delay reopening state? Kip Kinkel get out of jail early bill strikes again: where’s the justice? SCOTUS […]

Kate lays out her conditions for reopening the economy but it lacks two things: advice from business and compassion for the mental health of people. Testing in Oregon could expand immediately, but Kate won’t allow it even though it’s one of her conditions to open the economy: one phone call could change it: […]

Freedom Friday: Headline fraud: Oregonian story doesn’t tell you why small businesses aren’t getting funds to stay open based on Dems blocking more money: 20% of OR small businesses may close if shutdown going into May: it will be bigger. The economic news is gonna be really bad in Oregon, unless you are […]

Kate sort of lays out conditions for re opening Oregon: just a head fake folks cause she’ll wait to see what others do first. Why? Is it time for statewide ‘Open Oregon protests’? Happening big time in Michigan: Forbes magazine article on Oregon: Interview with Patrick Gleason with ATR who authored the article: […]

The fish wraps says virus didn’t start in lab: disinformation a day after story breaks about Chinese factories shutting down: When should Oregon reopen for business? Stupid rant by idiot commentator at WW:

OHA tells churches they cannot offer communion on Easter Sunday: it’s unconstitutional and must be challenged legally we U.S. taxpayers paid for the Chinese to develop coronavirus using bats after we gave them 3.7M in the bio weapons lab near Wuhan where it is alleged they sell animals used in the lab for experiments […]