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Conservative media list I use. Freedom Friday’s radio show topics. Conservative media I use:,, Parler,,,,,, powerline blog,,, How you can answer the smear of the Texas lawsuit by never Trumpers:…/desperate-bid-smear…/ “We’re not overturning an election, we’re correcting a fraudulent election.”…/nobodys-trying-to-overturn-the…/ Jericho march tomorrow […]

How you can help Trump win: Thursday’s radio show topics. You can make an impact! Even if you don’t live in MI, PA, WI, GA or AZ you still have a First Amendment right to “petition government for redress of grievances” because decisions made by Governors and legislators in those states dramatically affect your […]

Political Coffee ’97 Unanimous SCOTUS ruling may reelect Trump: Wednesday’s radio show topics: to listen live online 6am-7am or podcast. Law professor says Foster vs Love SCOTUS ruling that any votes counted after midnight of election day are null and void. If this argument is argued as part of the Texas lawsuit and if […]

The lawsuit that re elects Trump: Tuesday’s radio show topics Texas sues 4 other states directly at the SCOTUS for violating the US Constitution and they don’t have to prove a single case of fraud. Texas asks that SCOTUS order states legislatures to choose electors which likely leads to Trump winning since these four […]

What happens if massive vote fraud is proved? Monday’s radio show topics: If Trump is re elected because fraud proved how will Biden supporters act? MI county that switched Trump votes to Biden unknowingly has Dominion machines examined yesterday supposedly by Gen. Flynn’s white hat computer experts.…/article_cce3d51c-3748… Ware GA county audit shows Trump […]

Video of actual voter fraud in GA: Game changer? Freedom Friday Radio Video of actual voter fraud in GA: Game changer?…/breaking-crooked…/ GA Gov Kemp now calls for signature audit on ballots but not a legislative special session to fix election problems:…/georgia-gov-brian-kemp-calls…/ Evidence: Trump team supposedly has Dominion machine from small GA county […]

Do you trust our election systems? Thursday’s “Political Coffee” radio show topics: Do you know how your vote was counted? The NY Times “smartest man in the room” says the 2020 election in battleground states was ‘likely’ electronically altered in Sydney Powell’s GA federal lawsuit. The same systems that did that are used in […]

How far will you go to preserve liberty? Wednesday’s radio show topics: Live radio broadcast 6am-7am, replay at 6pm. 1220AM/104.3FM or podcast. Would you protest reluctant legislators at their homes who won’t vote to withhold electors despite proof of voter fraud big enough to change the national elections? Would you launch a recall effort […]

The stage is being set for bombshell evidence next week. Tuesday’s radio show topics SCOTUS will not save the Republic but Republican legislators who can choose Trump electors can if they are given irrefutable evidence that computers were manipulated to steal the election. It may cost some Republicans their seats but wouldn’t you want […]

Is the Kraken, military intelligence? Monday’s radio show topics: Is the Kraken, military intelligence? Is so, did they raid the CIA server farm (with soldiers killed) and will those servers prove computerized vote manipulation? If those revelations come out before the Electoral College meets, will it give MI, WI, AZ, GA and PA Republican […]